Premiere: Random Impulse – No Sleep For Winners [EP stream]

Rising grime/rock star Random Impulse debuts EP here.


Words by: Charlie Jones

North London MC Random Impulse writes brash. One-time engineer for Wiley, he’s blessed with both charisma, technique and an ear for a melody and his tracks transpose the sharp grit of grime into guitars and drums, resulting in instant, cocksure songs straight from the gut that sound like chart-toppers. He’s written for Lupe Fiasco, remixed Tinchy Stryder and had his tunes played at the Superbowl. After his 44-song mixtape ‘Metal Gear Alchemy’ hit #5 in the hip hop charts, you can hear his new EP below, and watch his video underneath his track-by-track commentary. This record will be out on the 14th November.

Random Impulse – No Sleep For Winners EP by Sainted PR

Put it On My Card

This song is about being with all your mates want to go out for a night and you being the only one without the money to, but due to pressure you decide to go anyway and charge everything to your card. A situation I’ve been in a little too much haha.

On A Roll

I was in the studio and suddenly heard the entire track in my head and had to scramble to plug in my guitar to put the riff down before I forgot it. I layed the entire thing down in about 40 minutes; drums, guitars, vocals, everything. It was one of those ‘burst of inspiration’ moments.

Lying To Myself

In a meeting with a certain label I was told to basically change everything about myself and while I was in there I was agreeing with him, but the moment I got home I realised I was just trying to lie to myself in the hope of getting signed faster. This songs just about that realisation and strengthening my resolve to keep making the music I believe in.

Put It On My Card remix ft Ed Sheeran, Dot Rotten and Bluey Robinson.

I actually made the beat for this before making the original so it was pretty weird calling it the remix. I just thought it would be cool to make a son where ye features appear on a chorus each instead of the verses, and it was an excuse to get some of my mates on a track haha.

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