Premiere: Painted Caves – Event Boundary

Modular anxiety from San Franciscan artist Evan Caminiti in a new solo guise.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Evan Caminiti of San Francisco drone duo Barn Owl has a new solo project called Painted Caves. His debut album with the project is called 'Surveillance', released by Belgium label Shelter Press, a title which doesn't so much hint at hidden meaning as paint its intent in mile high letters. A threeway recording process involving modular synths, cassette tapes and digital fiddling went into Caminiti's temperature taking of today's hyper-monitored life. A creeping yet compelling sense of anxiety builds throughout album track Event Boundary, underlining our familiarity with the feeling of being observed and begging the uncomfortable question: are we okay with this now?

Shelter Press released Painted Caves 'Surveillance' on 15th October 2013. 

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