Premiere: Natasha Kmeto – Dirty Mind Melt [EP stream]

Stream the experimental Portland artist's mesmerising new EP in full.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Natasha Kmeto had us listening intently last month with her pop-suffused, off-kilter dance tracks Contranym and Dirty Mind Melt. The latter lends its name to the Portland-based artist’s new EP, which you can stream in its bass-rich entirety below. With scattered footwork beats bringing the “dirty” side of things, while distorted sugar-pop hooks and experimental slithers keeps things light as a feather, it might melt your mind but it’ll keep your body moving right from the first mesmerising beat.

Listen below, and order the EP for yourself here.

Dropping Gems will release the ‘Dirty Mind Melt’ EP on 19th February.