Premiere: Mr. Mitch – Waiting By The Door


Mr. Mitch prefers to classify all his output as grime but his production veers stylistically from electro to eski, ambient, R&B and Southern rap reworks. That spread is compressed on his latest release 'Suave', a six track EP defined by its lack of definition. Highlights include a raucous Outkast-sampling opener and an ode to his home town of Catford with a melody line composed entirely of meows but we've chosen to premiere Waiting By The Door, one of its slower moments. The wistful slow jam is available to stream below alongside a quick Q&A with Mr. Mitch.


Your new EP covers a range of different styles, is there a specific reason for this?

Mr Mitch: "I am influenced by a lot of different music and much of the music I make reflects this. This EP is a representation of what I am about, probably moreso than any EP I have released before. I didn't want to restrict myself with a specific style or tempo and just made whatever came naturally."

Could you tell us a little about how you made Waiting by the Door?

Mr Mitch: "I actually built the early stages of Waiting by the Door around a Wiley acappella that I'd found. Wiley can really sound nice on a mellow kind of track so that's where it lead me. The more I built it up, the less the vocal was needed as it began to build its own identity. I titled the track based on its emotion, I picture a person waiting by the door for a loved one to come home."

Have you got any other significant releases or shows coming up soon?

Mr Mitch: "I co-run the night Boxed alongside Slackk, Logos and Oil Gang (stream an introductory mix for the event here) and we will be playing Room 3 of Fabric on the 4th of October. The aim of that night is to support new instrumental grime and each one of us brings a different style to the table. We managed to get Spooky and Bloom down for it as well, so it's set to be a pretty good one. I've been told it's set to be a sell out."

As well as your solo career you run Gobstopper Records, are there any upcoming releases on the label you'd like to share?

Mr Mitch: "I'm very picky when it comes to releases, so I like to take my time with the label stuff. I am constantly talking to different producers but it's all about getting the right tracks. There are a few that I'm building that I'm really excited about so you will just have to wait and see."

Aside from your own and your label's music, what have you been listening to the most recently?

Mr Mitch: "I'm really enjoying the new King Krule album at the moment, that one's in regular rotation for me. I'm still listening to the Lapalux album a lot as well, there are some really soulful tracks on there. I've been revisiting a lot of music that inspired me from growing up as well, producer wise a lot of stuff from Teddy Riley, R. Kelly and Timbaland." 

The 'Suave' EP will be released via Run Music on 16th September 2013, it's available to pre-order digitally here or as a 12" here

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