Premiere: Mark McGuire – In Search Of The Miraculous (CFCF remix)

Dreamy electronic artist CFCF takes on the new single from the former Emeralds frontman.


Once upon a time, Mark McGuire was the guitarist of the late, great Cleveland, Ohio trio Emeralds. The individual members of Emeralds were notably prolific with their solo endeavours even during the band's tenure, so it was no surprise that these projects continued long after the band's demise, and McGuire's work has led to a new solo album, 'Along The Way'.

'Along The Way' is an incredibly pretty album, and one of its highlights, In Search Of The Miraculous, has been given a melancholic rework by dreamy Canadian electronic musician CFCF. Clocking in at almost nine minutes, CFCF's version orbits McGuire's virtuosic guitarwork around a longing piano chord loop and stray backing vocals. It is, if we do say so ourselves, rather beautiful.

Dead Oceans release 'Along The Way' on February 4th 2014.

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