Premiere: Kid Smpl – Promist

Hear the twilit Seattle producer sounding more rugged and rounded with this stand-out from his forthcoming 'Armour' EP.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Twilit Seattle producer Kid Smpl,  aka Joey Butler, returns this month with the 'Armour' EP – following up on his recent two-part remix collection complimenting last year's 'Skylight' debut. Butler's long-time love of grime may not have always been clear on 'Skylight' – and while 'Armour' isn't quite eskibeat or North American reinterpretation a la Tre Mission, you can hear some of grime's severeness eking out through the EP's rugged edges. This is no clearer than on_Promist_ – which begins with the kind of sombre synth aches that Butler appears to turn out in his sleep, soon catching alight as its introspection is disturbed by a juddering club beat and far-off beckons to the 'floor. 

Here's the full tracklist for the 'Armour' EP, which features a hook-up with Dropping Gems dude DJAO:

1. Why Did I Breathe (feat. DJAO)

2. Promist

3. Armour

4. Necklace

5. Breathing In Space

Hush Hush Records will release the 'Armour' EP on the 22nd July.


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