Premiere: Jeff Gitelman – Let Go

Noodling business from guitar virtuoso Jeff Gitelman out on Joel Ford's label Driftless Recordings.


Let Go is the second single from Jeff Gitelman on Driftless Recordings, the label established by Joel Ford (of Tigercity, Airbird, Ford & Lopatin, and Ejecta fame) and Patrick McDermott (of North Americans). Gitelman has worked as a session guitarist for the likes of Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent, and Odd Future, toured with Alicia Keys' band, played guitar and sung in The Stepkids, and recorded on Ford & Lopatin's album. Clearly, he is a guitar virtuoso, and as such we're going to call him "Jeff Guitar-man" to everybody within earshot and repeat this joke over and over again until somebody acknowledges it.

The track is as fun as they come, with a swung rhythm carrying some whizzing bass synths and light guitar noodlings. Gitelman sings on it, too, but seems to have a habit of covering his voice with some kind of sound effect whenever he opens his mouth so that you can't actually hear a word that he says. Actually, there seems to be some kind of sound or overdub covering every inch of the song, making it delightfully all over the shop. Not that it matters, mind.

Driftless will release Let Go on October 29th 2013.

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