Premiere: Fyfe – Conversations (Fryars remix)

Ex-David's Lyre singer gets reworked by electro pop kid Fryars with no regard for formula.


Fyfe is the once anonymous, now self-exposed project of ex-David’s Lyre songwriter Paul Dixon, and his forthcoming single Conversations has been remixed by the similarly-named Fryars. Fryars had disappeared for a few years before returning with fairly understated electro pop material like In My Arms, and his remix continues in the vein of his recent work. It’s glistening synth pop, taking a few cues from electronic pop producers around right now, like the high-low pitch shifting vocal manipulations that littered Rustie’s ‘Glass Swords’ and are expanded upon in AlunaGeorge’s music, and the halfstep breakdown at the end of the track complete with Mount Kimbie-esque synths. It’s the sound of someone having fun with the source material and showing no regard for a set formula.

Fyfe will release Conversations on July 8th.