Premiere: FTSE – FTSE 1 [EP stream]

The Midlands producer unveils one of the crucial electronic pop EPs of the summer.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Subdued electronic pop producer and vocalist FTSE (aka Sam Manville) hails from the Midlands, which probably explains why there’s a sense of grey gloom that hangs over even the most blissful of his tracks. Manville adds bright and bold co-vocalists (in the form of Saint Saviour and Kenzie May) as well as chimes and laid-back grooves into the mix to lighten the mood of his debut EP ‘FTSE 1’, but even so, his own listless vocal gives an overall profound sense of cracked and tired soul.

From the bittersweet duet of Tidal Wave to the schizophrenic crashes of the tormented Consoom, the themes of ‘FTSE 1’ hang heavy, but that doesn’t stop it from having an irresistible pop shimmer that makes it one of our most crucial EPs of this summer. Stream it in full exclusively below.

Lucky Number will release ‘FTSE 1’ on the 1st July.

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