Premiere: Dimitri Veimar – Somo’s Tales / Somo’s Tales (Jokers of the Scene remix)

Psychedelic acid house from the Russian producer, out on Foals/Friendly Fires label DEEP SHIT.


"Dimitri Veimar is the kind of musical discovery that, were I were a religious man, I would go to bed and pray for every night. Modern day acid house that stays below the 120BPM mark but retains a certain punch whilst having an air of techno cool and swagger to it." Those aren't our words, but the words of the dapper and erudite DJ/producer Daniel Avery, who introduced Dimitri Veimar for Dummy last year.

The Russian house producer is now releasing a new EP, 'Everyone In NY', through DEEP SHIT, the label/party founded by Foals' Edwin Congreave and Friendly Fires' Jack Savidge. You can get a first taste of it here on Dummy through Somo's Tales, a downtempo acid track with a contemplative mood. We've also got a remix of said track by Canadian rave duo Jokers of the Scene, whose seriously good remix amps up the energy a couple of notches.

Oh, and before you go, DEEP SHIT are starting a series of free monthly events, the first of which is happening on February 1st – details can be found here.


01. When I Met The Stone
02. Kitchen
03. Somo’s Tales
04. Somo’s Tales (Jokers Of The Scene remix)

DEEP SHIT will release 'Everyone In NY' on February 3rd 2014.