Premiere: Beat Spacek – Alone In Da Sun

Hip hop-inflected, wonky electronic sounds on Ninja Tune.


Steve Spacek is probably not a name that young readers will recognise, but we can guarantee you'll be familiar with him by association. Spacek was a founding member of the band Spacek, who released some singles towards the tail end of the 1990s and two albums in the early '00s, and followed this up with a short solo career under his own name. Furthermore, he's collaborated with the likes of Mark Pritchard (as Africa HiTech), J Dilla, and DBridge.

His latest project is for Ninja Tune and goes by the name Beat Spacek, seeing him operate almost entirely solo, taking on production and vocal work so that everything's entirely on his own terms. Wonky, harmonic hip hop track Alone In Da Sun is a lost club track that will act as the first introduction to Beat Spacek, while the first official single from the project is due early next year, followed by a full-length for Ninja Tune later on.

Ninja Tune will release Alone In Da Sun on December 16th 2013.

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