Premiere: Arctic – Three Stripes

Exclusive stream of a trim new track from "golden-era" grime revivalist label Liminal Sounds.


Words by: Anthony Walker

The Liminal Sounds label was inaugurated in January with an EP of Pulse X reworks from new grime, or at least grime-leaning, producers like Visionist, Pedro 123 and label head Elsewhere – marking ten years since Youngstar’s original came out and setting their camp firmly in the recent 8-bar/Eski resurgence. Their second release is the ‘Three Stripes’ EP from the Birmingham-born but Melbourne-based Arctic and it also stands on the right side of revivalism. The title track is dominated by icy synth pockets and a shuddering bassline but also shows an awareness of groove, melody and the tact to avoid the over-earnestness that can dull some re-interpretations of such wonderful, alien music. It is, in short, a belter. We’re glad to premiere it below, with the full EP tracklist listed below the stream.



A. Off Peak
B1. Three Stripes
B2. Seeps


1. Off Peak
2. Three Stripes
3. Seeps
4. Off Peak VIP
5. Three Stripes (Breen Remix)

Liminal Sounds will release ‘Three Stripes’ EP on 5th August 2013

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