Suzanne Ciani’s first album reissued

American electronic music pioneer reissued on new label from Demdike Stare and Andy Votel.


Words by: Charlie Jones

American electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani’s ‘Voices of Packaged Souls’ LP will be reissued via Dead-Cert, offshoot label from Andy Votel and Demdike Stare Pre-Cert Home Entertainment in collaboration with Finders Keepers, on May 21st.

The extremely rare ‘Voices of Packaged Souls’ LP was originally pressed in a run of just 50 copies in 1970 and was the first album recorded by Suzanne Ciani. The electronic composer went on to win Grammys, advance electronic production vastly (and compose the Coke “pop” sound effect), but ‘Voices of Packaged Souls’ was produced at radio station KPFA in Berkeley, CA, where she was given access to the tape machines from midnight until 6am for free.

Dead-Cert, focussing on reissues of obscure archival pressings, will release 1,000 copies only, housed in individually screen-printed silver foil sleeves faithful to the original pressing.

Side A
1/. First Voice: Sound of Hair Bleeding
2/. Second Voice: Sound of Heat
3/. Third Voice: Sound of Cold
4/. Fourth Voice: Sound of Wetness
5/. Fifth Voice: Sound of a Finger Burning
6/. Sixth Voice: Sound of a Flower Falling
7/. Seventh Voice: Sound of an Eye Tearing
Side B
1/. Eighth Voice: Sound of Bones Growing
2/. Ninth Voice: Sound of a Nose Peeling
3/. Tenth Voice: Sound of a Lighted Window
4/. Eleventh Voice: Sound of an Old Man Loving
5/. Twelth Voice: Sound of Love Turning
6/. Thirteenth Voice: Sound of a Dream Kissing And All Dreams Are not for Sale

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