PJ Harvey is recording her new album in a glass studio in front of a live audience

'Recording in Progress' will let members of the public watch Harvey record her ninth album in a specially-constructed studio in London's Somerset House.


PJ Harvey is following up her Mercury Prize-winning 2011 album 'Let England Shake' this year, with recording set to take place in a custom-built studio at London's Somerset House – and members of the public will be able to see Harvey, her producers, her engineers, and her band putting it together.

'Recording in Progress' is a four-week project conceived by Harvey and Artangel. Beginning on January 16th, ticketholders will be able to see the recording process as it unfolds, taking place in a specially-designed architectural installation described on Somerset House's website as "an enclosed box" with one-way glazing, meaning that no one will know when they're being watched.

"The truth is none of us really know what it will be like," Artangel co-director Michael Morris told The Guardian, "Polly [Harvey] doesn’t know. We don’t know. We think we have an idea but I suspect we’ll be surprised when it unfolds. It is uncategorisable."

No word on this glass box studio's appearance yet, but we'd wager it'll be something like this.

She'll be working with Flood and John Parish on the album. Tickets are already sold out.

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