19 Piano House Tracks

Rave, hardcore and Chicago house tracks that may or may not have influenced Bloc Party's new song.


Words by: Charlie Jones

  1. Inner City, Your Love
  2. FPI Project, Everybody (All Over The World)
  3. Marshall Jefferson, Move Your Body – The House Music Anthem
  4. Kraze, The Party
  5. Baby D, Let Me Be Your Fantasy
  6. Love Decade, This Is A Dream
  7. Black Box, Ride On Time
  8. Bizarre Inc, Playing With Knives
  9. Fingers Inc, A Path
  10. The Fat Controller, In Complete Darkness
  11. Rhythim is Rhythim, Strings Of Life
  12. On the House, Pleasure Control
  13. Guy Called Gerald, Voodoo Ray (Paradise Ballroom Frankie Knuckles mix)
  14. Cubic 22, Night in Motion
  15. Visionmasters, Keep On Pumpin’ It
  16. Ce Ce Rogers, Someday
  17. Robin S, Show Me Love
  18. Sterling Void, It’s Alright
  19. Still Going, Still Going Theme

YouTube playlist is here

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