Phèdre – Phèdre

Dive into the full-length debut from the Doldrums-produced, eerily cosmic pop band from the world that made Grimes.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

“Werewolves in love and in despair” is what Toronto outfit Phèdre list as influential to their music. Part of Canada’s new bizarre pop wave, the trio are made up of Daniel Lee and April Aliermo of Hooded Fang and Airick Woodhead aka Grimes’s good pal Doldrums. The band describes themselves as “Three lovers from Monaco, raised in a cave of gold” and, appropriately, their self-titled album was released on Valentine’s Day. ‘Phèdre’ is eerily dancey and sounds like a more relaxed contemporary answer to minimal wave. It has hints of 60s chic pop laced with heavy psychedelic synths. The entire LP reads lyrically and sonically like a cosmic voyage captained by an altered Shirley Bassey/Laetitia Sadier-hybrid creature. Let them take you there.

Daps Records release Phèdre’s self-titled debut album on 14th February 2012

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