Perera Elsewhere – Bizarre

Stream the newest FoF Music signee's off-kilter, acoustic-leaning single.


Perera Elsewhere is the newest signing to US label FoF Music. Based in Berlin but originally from London, Perera Elsewhere will drop a debut album on October 28th through the label that, amongst its 12 tracks, will feature a contribution from Gonjasufi.

Ahead of that album, FoF have released a teaser in the form of Bizarre, a slow, acoustic guitar-led number. Premiered by Gorilla vs. Bear, Bizarre appears to be a lush and straightforward folksy song but when you listen a little closer, you realise it's somewhat out-of-wack – hear those faint, faint synths, those creaky backing vocals and that syrupy slow tempo that's just a little too slow.

The track will be released as a single ahead of the album, with an all-star cast of remixers – Maria Minerva, Nautiluss, Kyson and most intriguingly to us, Hype Williams, who may be appearing in a slightly different form to that which we're used to.

Earlier this year we profiled Lazy Brow, the head of FoF Music – you can read his thoughts on running a label and how people listen to music today here.

FoF Music will release the 'Bizarre' EP on September 9th, followed by the album 'Everlast' on October 28th.