Pat Jordache – Steps

The Montreal weird wave musician lines up his second album 'Steps'.


Montreal's Pat Jordache has been working on his second LP, 'Steps', for three years. 'Steps' collects and remasters a handful of Jordache's previous singles, from the forward-surging Steps to the pitched down wooziness of Feel It Coming to the quacking stomp and gait of Hunger, and pairs these with newer compositions. Across the album, Jordache is the picture of funky, clattering, effortlessness gliding, and palpable charisma.

Listen to title track Steps now to get a Pat Jordache refresher course, then check out the album tracklist and tour dates below.

Pat Jordache 'Steps' tracklist: 

01. Steps
02. Morning Sun
03. Fields Laying Fallow
04. Hunger
05. Anonymous Woman
06. Migration
07. O.M.O.
08. Paradise O Paradise

Pat Jordache live dates:

May 8th: Double Double Land, Toronto
May 15th: Bar "Le Ritz" PDB, Montreal
May 27th: Elvis Guest House, New York

Banko Gotiti release 'Steps' on May 15th 2015 (pre-order).