Pantha Du Prince to release Krautrock-inspired new album


The naive chimes of Pantha Du Prince’s 2010 album ‘Black Noise’ were one of the defining sonic hallmarks of the turn of the last decade. Two years on, the German melodic techno producer is set to release a new album titled ‘Ursprung’ with his sometime collaborator Stephan Abry of experimental band Workshop. Apparently this time around the guitar is a key focus so expect Krautrock-exploring sounds. We’re looking forward.


1. Mummenschanz

2. Ohne Worte

3. Seiland

4. Exodus Now

5. Chrüzegg

6. Lizzy

7. In Aufruhr
8. Nightbirds
9. Kalte Eiche

10. Am Buachaille

Dial will release Pantha Du Prince and Stephan Abry’s album ‘Ursprung’ on 21st May 2012