Open call for remixes of Tod Dockstader’s “organised sounds”

US musique concrète artist's work available for reinterpretation, with the best submissions to be released digitally.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

London music project CDR is running a special remix competition, and invites you to have a go remixing the work of US musique concrète artist Tod Dockstader. The competition is open until 11th February and the “finest” submissions will be released digitally and via a limited vinyl pressing.

Having started his career in film and animation in the 1950s, Dockstader moved into sound engineering and sound effects before becoming inspired by musique concrète pioneer Pierre Schaeffer.

As CDR explain: “Building on Edgar Varèse and Pierre Schaeffer’s pioneering work in early electronic composition and musique concrète, Dockstader experimented at Gotham Recording Studios, working with tens of thousands of feet of magnetic tape to create beeps, creaks and squeaks; otherworldly sounds that possess a sinister beauty and, at times, are occasionally straight-up strange.”

As for the remix brief, it’s wide open: “For this remix project you can cut, splice, stretch, loop or manipulate the original music [downloadable below] in whatever way you like. There are no restrictions on tempo, style or genre.”

The deadline for remix submissions is Monday 11the February 2013. Please read the submissions details in full over on CDR’s website.

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