oOoOO introduces Butterclock

The producer sheds a little light on his collaborator and her emotional and enchanting solo work.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Gloomy San Francisco-based artist oOoOO is easily the most qualified person to introduce you to the sounds of Parisian synth-pop crooner Butterclock, being one of her closest friends and collaborators. Since her vocals were featured on the Tri Angle producer’s ‘Our Love Is Hurting Us’ EP, Butterclock (Laura Clock to her proverbial) has been quietly crafting her own dance-ably light yet emotionally rich electronic dreams, all of which will be available to hear when her debut EP drops later this month. Here, her high school friend and musical soulmate Chris Dexter tells you why you should be looking out for it; read his thoughts and stream her two singles, Holograms and Don’t, below.

oOoOO: “Me and Laura met in high school & formed our own secret clique. Both of us were from somewhere else, living one year in some dusty little town in Nevada. Two city freaks stranded in an alien rural culture, we latched on to each other like you might latch on to the first person you run into after surviving a nuclear winter thinking you were the last person on Earth. I know mostly all you can know about her. So it’s hard for me to hear Butterclock without hearing also in the music everything that isn’t there.”

“Emotion is the blood in music. Laura’s music bleeds like it’s driven by the most intense & longing heart. Nothing is held back. & as with most good music it’s the contrasts that strike you with the most delight. The contrast between the power and intensity of the delivery and the delicacy of the feelings expressed, for example. It sounds sometimes like the most vulnerable plea, written out and rubber banded to a brick thrown through the window. As if something small and beautiful has just come crashing through the glass. An ornate shotgun bullet.”

“It’s overwhelmingly raw. At times maybe even too honest. You sometimes almost feel as if you’re some kind of creep or pervert listening in on something that’s none of your business; listening in on deep secrets being privately repeated in a self-cleansing ritual. Its that personal. But at the same time there’s an obviously performed drama that lets you know it’s meant for anyone in the world who would take the time to listen. It turns out that performance is part of the ritual. As important as the emotions themselves.”

“Her newer music has an almost joyful poppiness that takes the edge off the despair that frequently marks the voice and the words themselves. I’m excited to watch her next move.”

Butterclock – Don’t

FANTASY Music will release Butterclock’s ‘First Prom’ EP on the 15th April 2013.

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