Oh wow, look at our SXSW party!

Together with friends at Acephale, The Pop Manifesto and Transparent, we're hosting Yuck, Pure X, Mount Kimbie, Porcelain Raft, Brenmar, Deadboy, Physical Therapy, Pictureplane and Babe Rainbow.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Under the name “Commonwealth” – fine record label Acephale is based in Canada, Ili of superlative online fanzine/label The Pop Manifesto grew up in Australia, and ourselves and blog/label Transparent are from the bad-toothed motherland, see – and with the support of GrandLifeNYC, we’ve banded together to put on a party on the last night of the annual industry Austin, Texas get-together, South By Southwest.

We’re really, really pleased with the line-up – keep your eyes here for good stuff from all performers. Subject to SXSW’s much-loved shuffles, performing at the Lanai Lounge on Saturday 19th March [5pm-2am] will be:


Mount Kimbie
Jamie Woon
Pure X
Porcelain Raft


Physical Therapy
Babe Rainbow

Entrance is free, but capacity is limited and RSVP is essential. Stick “SXSW” in the headline and drop a note to events@grandlifenyc.com. We all hope to see you there.