Night Angles sign to Tender Age

Andrew Weatherall-blessed disco band sign to softy Moshi Moshi imprint.


Words by: Charlie Jones

There’s a new disco band in town! Night Angles are a duo drom London whose airy, heady disco has caught the attention of Andrew Weatherall, who has booked them for his party this Friday at north London’s Garage and Moshi Moshi imprint Tender Age, who have signed them for an EP. Photographer Tim Eve and live musican Laurence Horstman’s work as Night Angles has previously been released by Force Majeure and will see a 12” this spring. Tender Age said of the music:

“Night Angles might be perfect for these forthcoming years of austerity – regarding the rings of Saturn, in thrall to the Berlin winter, these are tracks with eyes on the sky and feet firmly planted to the dance floor.”

Hear for yourself below:

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