Nicolas Jaar album is being pulled from shops

Due to an uncleared sample on one of the tracks, Jaar's album 'Space Is Only Noise' is to be removed from stores.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Nicolas Jaar’s much lauded debut album ‘Space Is Only Noise’, released back in February of this year, is to be removed from shops due to an uncleared sample on one of the tracks. For legal reasons, we can’t state the offending sample, but it’s somewhere the Ray Charles-sampling I Got A Woman.

London shop Rough Trade Records have tweeted that Jaar’s album “is gonna come back of course but minus this track”. However, if you still want the album in it’s original form, and haven’t acquired it already, we suggest you pick it up pretty quickly.

Circus Company released Nicolas Jaar’s album ‘Space Is Only Noise’ on 14th February 2011

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