Newsflash: Russian punk bands are more tough and more cool than you

The feminist punk band Pussy Riot have been investigated and detained after protesting Putin's controversial election win.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist punk band and protest group formed in October 2011, have been a thorn in the side of the Russian state following their guerrilla performances and protests but their latest stunt has landed some of their members in serious trouble.

Last week members of the group stormed the largest cathedral in Moscow clad in brightly coloured dresses and balaclavas for a performance of a track called Holy Shit to challenge the current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s charge for a third presidential term – an election Putin has subsequently won.

Moscow police have detained five members of the 30-strong group under suspicion of “gross violation of public order and religious hatred” and could face up to seven years in prison under hooliganism charges. Pussy Riot, however, describe the track as “a punk prayer: Mother of God, drive [PM Vladimir] Putin away” and have rejected their branding as “wild atheists”. Members have also gone on a hunger strike in support of their cause. You can watch the group in a guerrilla performance below:

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