New Order hint at work with James Murphy (but DFA deny it)

In a new video interview, Bernard Sumner gives a cagey response about working with the former LCD Soundsystem man: "There is some news in the offing. We're in the process."


James Murphy might be collaborating with New Order.

Speaking in a video interview with Consequence of Sound (embedded above), New Order's Bernard Sumner was asked about potential collaborations. First, the interviewer talks about working with DFA artists, who took New Order dance pop-plus-post-punk template and ran with it, and specifically about working with James Murphy.

In reply, Mr. Sumner says: "Um… well… we, um… I can't talk about any of that just yet. But there is some news in the offing. Yes. We're in the process."

Bearing in mind how short that sentence reads, it's amazing how long Sumner manages to draw it out, with some excruciatingly awkward pauses.

If it happens, it'd be pretty interesting. For its many, many merits, All My Friends basically sounds like a New Order song, while New Order (or "New Odour", as former bassist Peter Hook now calls them) themselves not necessarily sounded vital since about 1989. New Order themselves are clearly working on new music, having debuted two new songs this year.

UPDATE: DFA have denied that it's happening (there's "zero truth" in the report, apparently) and also had a go at click-baity websites. But there's legit video evidence of Sumner saying it!

[via Consequence of Sound]

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