New BBC survey ranks Camden as the best place to go out in the UK for under-26s

The data suggests the boroughs of Camden and Westminster are the best for nightlife in England, Scotland and Wales...


Words by: Felicity Martin

A new BBC survey has named Camden and Westminster as the top areas in the UK to go out if you’re under 26.

Designed by Radio 1 Newsbeat, the Know Your Place calculator ranks areas in England, Scotland and Wales, taking in variables including access to mental health care, average rent prices and levels of unemployment.

The highest-scoring places for nightlife for young people were Camden and Westminster, which jointly gained a score of 10/10.

The ‘going out’ section was determined by the number of bars, pubs and clubs as a proportion of the size of the area (Food Standards Agency, June 2018), as well as the number of music events per day (BBC analysis of Ents24 data, April – November 2018).

The survey ranked Bristol as the best place in the UK to live outside London.

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