New Album from Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Rachel Evans, aka MSOTT, prepares follow-up to her stunning 2010 album, Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Rachel Evans, maker of gorgeously delicate drone-pop, is preparing to release her new album, “s/t”, on the Editions Mego offshoot label Spectrum Spools.

The Georgia-based producer received wide-spread acclaim for her 2010 album, “Seeping Through the Veil of Unconsciousness”, an incredible, breathless journey through ethereal and multi-layered electronics.

The forthcoming double LP, due out on the 15th of March, is comprised of four suites, all twenty minutes or upwards in length. Whilst there are no samples to hear as yet, Spectrum Spools write that this album breaks new territory for MSOTT:

Incredible new highs are documented in a clear, spacious fidelity where cerebral sounds gently flow and wash through the stereo field creating a beautiful deep listening situation. Big changes in sound and scope are evident; a shift from the murky, mysterious haze of the older recordings into a highly addictive concentrate of airy tones and gem-like glow, each track forming a universal sky-map . There is, however, no loss of mystique.

MSOTT is Evans’ solo project – she is also half of bands Aerial Jungle, Modern Lamps and, together with her husband Grant Evans, Quiet Evenings. Grant and Rachel also run the prolific cassette label Hooker Vision.

The album is due on the 15th of March – we can’t wait. Watch You Are The Love Of My Life below.

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