Neon Indian – Blindside Kiss (Actress Remix)

Stream this ultra-sultry Record Store Day remix.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Neon Indian is releasing a remixed version of his 2011 album ‘Era Extraña’ called ‘ERRATA ANEX’ for Record Store Day and got Actress in to re-do the dusky Blindside Kiss. Actress got deserved plaudits for his Miltonic third album ‘R.I.P’ but has some fantastic remixes dotted about too: ones that less tear strips out of tracks and more gnaw them beyond recognition. You half-anticipate how heavy they’ll bump, but the producer has a way with vocals too – stretching longing, like he did for Kodiak’s Spereo Superbus and Laurel Halo’s Constant Index before this, into an aimless, bleeding mess.

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