MoStack releases enlightening ‘Stacko’ documentary

The rapper opens up on a number of personal topics in the film...


Words by: Billy Ward

Rapper MoStack has dropped a mini documentary on his YouTube channel, following the release of his anthem-packed debut LP ‘Stacko’.

The video follows the artist throughout the production phase of the record, revisiting his old estate where the majority of his visuals were shot during his come-up, and opening up on a number of personal issues within the film, such as his close friendship with producer Steel Banglez.

As well as this, MoStack explains how his lifestyle changes have affected the sound and content of his music, claiming he doesn’t see the need in promoting violence anymore. The documentary also includes words from fellow rapper Fredo, showing behind-the-scenes footage of an unreleased music video including the two artists.

The film releases at a similar time to MoStack’s first ever full length interview on Tim Westwood TV, in which topics such as the artist’s experience with autism, girls, and getting robbed are explored.

Watch the Stacko documentary below:

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