Moritz Von Oswald Trio to release a new album on Honest Jons

The third record from Moritz Von Oswald, Sasu Rippatti (Vladislav Delay) and Max Loderbauer entitled 'Fetch' will be out in June.


Words by: Charlie Jones

London’s Honest Jons (this year already responsible for Actress’ album ‘R.I.P.’ and the brilliant ‘Shangaan Shake’ compilation), are due to release an album from Moritz Von Oswald Trio this summer entitled ‘Fetch’. This follows on from the trio’s previous albums for Honest Jons, ‘Vertical Ascent’ and ‘Horizontal Structures’.

‘Fetch’ was apparently recorded over four hours towards the end of last summer by trio members Moritz Von Oswald, Sasu Rippatti (Vladislav Delay) and Max Loderbauer, alongside some additional live instrumentation, meaning a record of sensitively improvised sound is probably on the cards, out in June this year.

01. Jam
02. Dark
03. Club
04. Yangissa

Honest Jons will release Moritz Von Oswald Trio’s album ‘Fetch’ on 18th June 2012