MMM – Que Barbaro

Hear a brain-melting new rave track from Erik and Fiedel, taken from their sixth 12" in 13 years.


Although the brains behind Que Barbaro have worked both together and solo across aliases like Erik & Fiedel, Errorsmith, Soundhack, Soundstream, and Smith N Hack, Que Barbaro is just the sixth 12” released under the MMM name in some 17 years (although you might include last year’s MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys as part of the canon). MMM’s releases are usually incredible though – just listen to the hands-down classic Donna for a quick primer – so we’re happy to wait. Que Barbaro is just as high quality as anything else they’ve committed their name to – it’s a logical continuation of the sound heard on their last record Dex/_Rio_, an elastic, brainmelting, UK funky-inflected rave monster. The groove that it first introduces is untouchable, too.

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