Missy Elliott – 9th Inning and Triple Threat (feat. Timbaland)

The frankly formidable rapper is back with two startling, outstanding new tunes, featuring Timbaland's immense presence.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Missy Elliott is back, and aggressively so. Riding in at the helm of two songs that have all the ferocity of a swaggering, aggressive drunk looking for a fight, ‘9th Inning’ and ‘Triple Threat’ go out of their way to intimidate the competition.

While a more subtle and nuanced approach to a hip hop comeback might have been more individual and effective, Missy can be forgiven for blustering straight in with all this “guess who’s back” bravado, because, well, the world is obviously glad she’s back, no matter what she puts out. After all, she hasn’t released a full-length since 2005, and (although we love Nicki) the Minaj-saturated world of commercial hip hop is aching for her return like a tooth cavity aches to be filled in, after stuffing itself with bonbons.

As she snarls on ‘Triple Threat’, “whatever we do it will blow up” (referring to herself and producer extraordinaire Timbaland ); regardless of what these tracks sound like, or what I have to say about them, the point is, they’re finally here. Stream them both in the slick,stylish Youtube clip below.

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