Mirror Mirror – Interiors [album stream]

Lose yourself in the refractive, reflective new album from the New York psychedelic pop band.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Mirror Mirror, the New York duo of David Riley and Ryan Lucero, were joined by drummer Joshua da Costa for their second album ‘Interiors’, streamable below. The follow up to their 2008 debut ‘The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness’, it’s a thoroughly absorbing listen. Tracks like Dot Dot Dot and Interiors dance in and out of the shadows, spinning suspense and desire into pools of light to rest a while in. Half Life ups the ante with urgent drums and spiralling synths, while Open Wide drops the temperature to unveil an icy landscape then cranks up the pressure to shattering point. There’s something cult-ish about Mirror Mirror, something primal in their sound, something unnervingly charismatic about singer David Riley’s voice. ‘Interiors’ should be the album that gets them the cult following they deserve.

Mirror Mirror – Interiors LP by RVNG Intl.

RVNG Intl released Mirror Mirror ‘Interiors’ on August 22nd 2011

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