Michael Stasis – Crushed

New Arbutus Records signee drops a piece of fast-paced desert rock.


Michael Stasis is a singer-songwriter who is releasing his new album 'RIP III' through Arbutus Records

Unlike most of the musicians associated with the Arbutus camp (Lydia Ainsworth, TOPS, Sean Nicholas Savage, etc.), Stasis is based in Los Angeles rather than Montreal. Here, he's been quietly writing songs – a lot of songs. By this point he has a couple of hundred in the bag, and he's generally becoming an extremely proficient musician.

'RIP III' is something of a greatest hits record in that it pulls together some of these songs, which range from scrappy bedroom demos to fuller sounds produced alongside Jorge Elbrecht (best known for his collaborations with Ariel Pink, but an insanely prolific musician and collaborator in his own right). There's a huge variety to his songs, all capturing Stasis's restless energy, but new song Crushed is probably the most straight-up thing on the record, a piece of fast-paced, melodic desert rock scorched by the Californian sun. 

Michael Stasis 'RIP III' tracklist:

01. Venus Of Soap
02. Brown Cow
03. Crushed
04. All The Ways
05. Land Of The Goths
06. Little Devil
07. The Necklace
08. Surface Area
09. The Dairy Queen
10. Greenskin
11. Pain
12. Smokey

Arbutus Records release 'RIP III' on August 7th 2015 (buy).

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