Merci Jitter drops a seven-track multi-dimensional mixtape


The quiet but always busy London-based label returns in full-force with a brand new mixtape.

Taking place in an artifical exhibition space visualised through the work of French-artist Pierre Allain-Longval and Basel-based designer Dimitri Erhard, Merci Jitter’s newest venture sees a variety of producers and vocalists from opposing backgrounds collaborating within this so-called matrix.

Much like their previous releases, the imprint’s latest project explores multiculturalism and the cross-pollination of genres, however the endgame here is a fully-vocal experience combining both experimental and generic sounds whilst maintaining accessibility. They recently explained that the idea of ‘accessibility’ and presenting a project treading a fine line between generic and left-field is a recurring theme throughout the mixtape but also an urge the label strongly abides by both in it’s creativity, performance and concept.

Listen to ‘Merci Jitter, 2018’ mixtape below.

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