Max Richter is performing ‘Sleep’ to fans in beds at the Great Wall of China

The ground-breaking concert will run from 10pm until 6am...


Words by: Tiantian Yang

Max Richter is performing his eight-hour ‘Sleep’ piece at the Great Wall of China at Beijing Music Festival to an audience in beds. 

More than 300 fans will be nested under the moonlight and immersed in the lullaby until the break of the day (10pm – 6am) at the historic site known as Water Pass of the Great Wall.

“Performing SLEEP at such an iconic location is a very special opportunity at BMF”, Richter says. “This concert is a huge undertaking – physically, mentally and logistically – but we can’t wait to do it. It is sure to be a night to remember.”

The concept of performing an eight-hour concert is taken from Richter’s well-received album ‘Sleep’ released in 2015 on Deutsche Grammophon. Having the composition refined under the supervision of acclaimed American neuroscientist David Eagleman, Richter describes the work as his “personal lullaby for a frenetic world.”

After a variety of world-class venues including the Sydney Opera House, Grand Park in Los Angeles, Kraftwerk Berlin and the Philharmonie de Paris, the masterpiece will finally makes its Asian premiere, as well as Richter’s debut in China.

The concert will be performed on piano, alongside a string quintet from the American Contemporary Music Ensemble and soprano Grace Davidson.

With over 20 shows including operas, symphony concerts, recitals, chamber music and much more being featured, Beijing Music Festival this year marks the 22nd anniversary of the international event. It runs from 4th to 28th October 2019 in the capital of the Middle Kingdom.

For tickets to SLEEP in China, see more info here.


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