Matthew Herbert – The End Of Silence, Part Two

Hear the second part of Matthew Herbert's new album, based entirely around a 5 second sample recorded during the Libya conflict.


Noisemaker Matthew Herbert is returning with a new album, ‘The End Of Silence’, later this month. The album consists of three tracks, each built around samples taken from the same source – a 5-second sound recording made during the battle of Ras Lanuf in Libya – with the cropped clips being synced to electronic instruments and played as a live band. As such, ‘The End Of Silence’ is one of the odder jazz albums you might hear this year. The first track was made available last month but the second is now streaming, and you can listen to it below.

Music academic Adam Harper recently contributed an essay to Dummy discussing Matthew Herbert and ‘The End Of Silence’ in depth; you can read that here.

Accidental will release ‘The End Of Silence’ on June 24th.

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