Mary Boyoi – ‘Zooz’ (EP stream)

Lakuti and Portable's Süd Electronic label have revealed full details of their 12th release from South Sudanese musician and activist Mary Boyoi. Stream the beautiful EP inside.


Words by: Karen Chan

Lerato ‘Lakuti’ Khati, Alan ‘Portable’ Abrahams established Süd Electronic in 2000, using the label and the series of parties (which we profiled last year) as a creative outlet as well as a space that allowed for freedom of expression. After a hiatus of five years and its recent relocation from London to Berlin, Süd Electronic label returns to action this summer, with a remarkable release coming from South Sudanese musician Mary Boyoi, which brings Lakuti and Portable closer to their African roots than the label has ventured before.

The original version of Zooz is featured on a Sudanese cassette-only compilation called ‘Sudan Votes Music Hopes’ from 2009, which brought together a diverse group of artists from both Sudan and South Sudan to promote free and fair elections in the time before South Sudan’s independence was recognised.

Backed by two cerebral and beautiful remixes, provided by Süd co-owners Portable and Tama Sumo, a long-standing Süd party resident who has officially become a label affiliate, ‘Zooz’ is an EP that celebrates one year of independence of South Sudan. All proceeds will go towards Mary Boyoi’s efforts in bringing about peace in the region. Buy it here.

Read the translation of Zooz’s lyrics below:

(1st Verse)

I have a word to tell you (x2)
It is a message from the people organizing elections
They say they want everyone to come
All of the civilian to come and vote in our country so that we will have peace
And live in peace


Now we listen
Now we understand
Let us come and vote
Your children and your wife are now free
They will have a good life
They will be proud to walk in our country
If we choose a leader our country will be in peace
If we vote for the leader our country will be in peace

(2nd Verse)

Get out from your house and from your sleep
There is a message coming
Let everybody gather together
To vote in our country
To elect leaders to lead us in our lands and our country with our cows
Oh its a good message


(Repeat the 1st verse)

Süd Electronic released Mary Boyoi – ‘Zooz’ EP on 21st August, 2012