Maigret Jnr – Always Again

Deep cut from new London singer-producer who's on his own thing.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Music moves like atoms through the years, swirling in the air and coming back down to settle from time to time in a circular motion. New London singer/producer Maigret Jnr’s DNA can be traced back to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton and Chris Rea (the latter who he sounds uncannily like), sad-eyed singer-songwriters painting pictures in the sky. Trying to feel my way / the atoms a-keep on forming, he sings on Always Again, the first taste of his debut EP on Make Mine. It’s a surprising song in many ways: simple, deep, almost outside of time but maybe that’s why it feels so resonant.

Make Mine will release Maigret Jnr’s debut EP ‘Sick Friends’ on 3rd September 2012

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