Magic Island – So Tender

Canadian-in-Berlin shares a new song from their forthcoming EP on Mansions & Millions: "Do I make you fall to your knees?"


At the end of summer 2013, Canadian Berlin resident Emma Czerny put out a jaunty and charismatic EP fittingly called 'Intoxicated Sunset' under the name Magic Island.

Following in the fall and winter of that year, Czerny put out the more subdued, wafting Baby Blu and Dream Holiday. And last year, she joined BifiBoy to form HQ Handy, resulting in a hissing, squealing-like-a-tea-kettle, beaming beacon of a song called Waen, in which Czerny sang, So I wait on your whisper

Now, in the new year, Magic Island will release a new EP, 'Wasted Dawn' – the logical aftermath of an intoxicated sunset – through young Berlin label Mansions & Millions (who gave us some stuff by Antoine93 recently).

The second single from it is So Tender, whose synths spread out magnanimously, patiently, open-armed with delicacy across seemingly unending vistas with Czerny asking: Do I make you fall to your knees? 

Mansions & Millions release the 'Wasted Dawn' EP on February 3rd 2015.

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