Maestro – Thriller Killer (Matias Aguayo remix)

Cómeme label head Matias Aguayo remixes the scuzzy dance duo's new song, taken from their forthcoming debut album for Tigersushi.


Maestro are a French duo signed to Joakim's label, Tigersushi.

Comprised of Mark "The Butcher" Kerr (the band's Scottish singer and previously a member of hard rock band Gun, short-lived analogue-kraut-noise group Jackos, and Joakim's band The Disco) and Fred "The Mad Scientist" Soulard (the band's French technical wiz), Maestro make scuzzy dance music – or dancey scuzz music? – and debuted on the label in 2010 with A War Zone.

They're now releasing an album with Tigersushi next month called 'Mountains of Madness', and before that the label tapped Cómeme head Matias Aguayo for a remix. Stream the remix above and read what Maestro and Aguayo had to say about the remix below. And if you like it, why not revisit Matias Aguayo's Dummy Mix from last year?

Matias Aguayo: "It was a wonderful work for me to play with the arrangement ideas of this Maestro track. What I did was a version, you could even say cover version, orientating myself around the original arrangement but also adding some harmonic ideas. I drowned into a sea of wild coloured sirens (in my studio by the graveyard) and then I came out with this labour of shimmering love."

Maestro: "When Matias Aguayo said he was making his Thriller Killer version, we didn't realize he had found THE RESIDENTS on their Secret Exotic Island the other side of Hawaii. He made this in their Subterranean Studio, he told us. Did he really? We believe him. Vincent Bergerat's video shows us in reverse the violence of this Thriller Killer Love Story. Vincent tells us he really is a REPLICANT. We also believe him."

Tigersushi release 'Mountains of Madness' on March 16th 2015 (pre-order).

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