Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell are working together

Two great rap stars working together again on Lupe Fiasco's fourth album, 'Food And Liquor 2'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the better rappers in the world a few years ago looked like Lupe Fiasco, thanks to his outstanding album ‘Food And Liquor’. Unfortunately, his last album was fairly dreadful and A&R’d into the ground – a fact Lupe was distraughtly aware of, as he said to The Guardian.

So, the news, announced through Lupe’s own website, that he is collaborating with Pharrell, is very promising. Earlier today, Lupe posted the short and mercifully direct message “FOOD AND LIQUOR 2 COMING SOON….LUPE AND PHARRELL ALBUM COMING SOON…”

Lupe and the Neptunes producer have more in common than a fondness for old soul, jazz, skateboarding and peerlessly dextrous rap music: they have form of collaborating together. They were two thirds of supergroup Child Rebel Soldiers (one Kanye West was the other third) and Lupe Fiasco worked on a remix of NERD’s Everybody Nose.

More news on Lupe’s ‘Food And Liquor 2’ as we get it.

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