Listen to some stuff that people in the Sahara listen to on their phones

Platform pick up on a pretty cool mix of music people in the desert send to each other by Bluetooth.


Words by: Charlie Jones

MUSIC FROM SAHARAN CELLPHONES “This mix that you can download right here is called MUSIC FROM SAHARAN CELLPHONES. It’s all music he’s found on the memory cards of phones in Africa. It’s been blogged a few times, but only by the niche guys, so if you’ve seen this before, you’re on your shit harder than we are. Anyway, this is what the guy said:

The cellular phone in its current incarnation is a recent phenomena here, but one with sweeping effects. In the past few years, the market was flooded with cheaply designed Chinese cellphones (bearing names like Samsong or Sqny), equipped with memory cards and featuring Video, Photo, and Audio, as well as Bluetooth wireless transfer. The ability to make calls is rather superfluous, and they are likely distributed in villages that have no cellular access whatsoever… As ubiquitous media devices, they are perhaps most used in sharing and exchange of files, particularly bluetooth transfers of mp3s. While in Kidal I collected memory cards from cellphones and copied loads of mp3s — ranging from Tamashek guitar, Algerian Raï, Coupé Décalé, Kuduro, Hip Hop, as well as loads of Arabic “Habibe” pop, French ballads, Bollywood hits, and Dire Straits… “ –