Listen to a new live set from Larry Gus

RBMA captured a new live set from Greek sample-centric psych pop musician Larry Gus, recorded live at Sónar Festival.


Larry Gus is a sample-centric psych pop musician. Although he hails from Greece, he releases via DFA in New York. We're huge fans of his work and have even invited him to play a couple of Dummy shows in the past. His live show is great: Larry Gus performs as a one man band, but he brings more enthusiasm and energy to his performance than any traditional band setup.

Recently Larry Gus played at Sónar Festival in Spain, performing on Red Bull Music Academy's SónarDome stage. His big beats and vocals were captured by RBMA (Larry Gus is a past RBMA participant), which we're happy to be bringing you an exclusive stream of today. There are a lot of big beats and vocals in the set, which covers some new and rarely-heard material.