Lil B – #1 Bitch

Since the last time you refreshed your browser, the Based God has released another mixtape.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Within the same twenty four hours as the release of Jasmine , Jai Paul’s long-anticipated second song following the release of his debut single ‘BTSU’ two years ago, Lil B dropped his second mixtape in a month, #1 Bitch.

In an era where artists seem to be capable of sculpting the arc of their careers in deeply individual ways, Lil B goes for anything but mystique. With the speed of this latest release, barely three weeks since his last 34-track mixtape God’s Father, it would be safe to assume that the rapper didn’t leave the studio at all during March (and if he did, it was probably to tweet).

#1 Bitch is a fun and occasionally ridiculous journey into the mind of the ‘gay (happy)’ rapper, and at an astounding 28 tracks long, it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. The Based God even turns his hand at producing himself on ‘Hit That Weed (Smoker’s Break)’.

You can stream #1 Bitch in full below, and download it for free via

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