Shadowy London cartel LHF are behind the first totally incredible EP of 2012

Mysterious dubstep crew into hieroglyphics and not releasing much music release a really special piece of vinyl on Keysound.


Words by: Charlie Jones

LHF are a five-piece collective based in London who make ritualistic dubstep music better than anyone else. Made up of anonymous producers including Double Helix, Low Density Matter, Amen Ra, Solar Man and Escobar, they made their name a series of mixes called ‘Keepers Of The Light’, featuring mostly their own productions. They have only released two EPs since emerging in 2009, ‘Enter in Silence’ [Keysound, 2010] and The Line Path [ibid, 2010], but they have been among the best releases of recent times, packed with nods to Egyptian myth, weird cartography and the stinging warmth of London’s thick night.

We would encourage you to get acquainted with them as a soon as possible, as their third EP, called ‘Cities Of Technology’, comes out on the 20th Feb 2012 through Keysound, and it is really quite incredible. Drenched in the tones of dubstep, jungle and hardcore, thick with warmth and imagination, it recalls Wookie and the experience of a night ride into London’s orient, pirate station blasting.

LHF – Keepers of the Light Vol.3 by ERRR

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