Levon Vincent wants to “facilitate your 24/7 music making”

The house DJ outlines plans to mentor young producers/DJs by bringing them to live in Berlin for three months at a time.


Levon Vincent has proven himself to be an absolute dude today by offering young scamps a chance to become his apprentice.

Vincent often uses his social media channels to ignite debates or just, you know, say what's on his mind, and last night he posted a big piece outlining plans to start an apprentice scheme. The basic gist of it is that young producers/DJs can move to Berlin for a three-month period to make music, party, and build their potential careers under his guidance.

Read his thoughts and reasonings behind the scheme below:

My friends, my career has gone well these past few years. I have debts and a lot of overhead these days, but I am working hard and I'm very proud to say I have achieved a situation where I have steady work. Things are optimistic for me for at least a year or two. I am ready to start sponsoring / apprenticing people. Maybe one musician at a time. Let's develop something. A 'tourist' can live legally in Berlin for 90 days. I want to begin supporting an up-and-comer for 90 day segments, essentially I will pay your rent for 3 months in Berlin, likely a room for rent in a flat where we know music-making will be allowed. We have to find one. We got resources and a community. I got a little bit of kit to kick down too. Monitors, at least. We'll get you sorted out. And I'll check in with you once a month or whatever. Maybe I can offer some guidance too. Basically I want to facilitate your 24/7 music making. And your partying, too. As long as that's musical. 

Please send some of your demos, (2 songs only), via soundcloud links to levonvincent@hotmail.com. Subject "bootcamp"

If I can find someone to believe in, then I can help care for your living expense while you take a small time out of your life to focus solely on your own craft. 3 months should be enough time to learn a thing or two. Think of it as bootcamp. You must be completely committed to your craft. Anything else is secondary, and I'll know immediately from the first beat of your demo so don't front! I'm looking forward to hearing some new world sounds. Thank you for participating.

What a good guy.


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