Laurel Halo – Hour Logic [stream]

Ann Arbor producer's new EP trips and day-dreams and you can and should stream it here before its release date in a couple of weeks time.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Laurel Halo is an artist who, as you may have noticed, we’re quite keen on. Her new EP ‘Hour Logic’ for Hippos In Tanks is a stunning trip. Drawing from early Detroit techno’s dark moods, the full-bodied layering of noise, and the wacky, sci-fi, playfulness common to both, ‘Hour Logic’ is a fantastical journey, a yellow brick road built from driving analogue parts, and a sense of melody and composition – so prevalent on her previous ‘King Felix’ EP – that stays apparent all along the way.

Laurel Halo: Hour Logic by alteredzones

Hippos In Tanks will release Laurel Halo’s ‘Hour Logic’ EP on 21st June 2011