Lana Del Rey meme roundup

Internet references Lizzy Grant's music as performed by a llama and Bret Easton Ellis-ness of LDR.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In what is sure to become a feature of slow news days the internet over, Dummy are proud to present the world’s first roundup of Lana Del Rey memes.

First up is @LlamaDelRey, a Twitter account about a llama that shares a pop career with Lana Del Rey, the American singer is famous for songs about being bored with video games. The appeal of this is difficult to explain to grandparents without them (frankly justifiably) thinking us losers, but sample Tweets include:

Spitting in the old barns Walking with my four arms Living for the hay

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room and you’re like, “why is a llama wearing clothes?”

We were born to die-t on bromgrass, alfalfa, and corn silage.

trying to play xbox but my TV is smeared with spit

The second is the witty assertion that, should Bret Easton Ellis have written American Psycho today, one of serial killer and MOR fan Patrick Bateman’s favourite albums would be ‘Born To Die’. Funny, because it’s true – Lana Del Rey’s career has read a bit like a bit part in a 21st century Glamorama, and, yes, even we sound a bit unnerving when we talk about the qualities of Lana Del Rey’s album.


Final piece of this tawdry list is this splicing of “Shit Girls Say” with Lana Del Rey:

And, as a reminder that Lana Del Rey is better at pumping out Lana Del Rey memes, is the news that she featured on a fairly dreadful UK hip hop song covering Shirley Bassey’s Big Spender, as emerged this week.

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